Monday, May 5, 2008

Misc. Monday: Desk

Dan and I have 2 desks in our "office." One has the computer on it, and one holds my sewing machine and craft supplies. One day, this room will have to be a bedroom for a new addition to the family (no time soon), but the thought always crosses my mind. It has now become a mission of mine to get organized and see how much of the office will fit in the house somewhere. With this in mind, Dan put up some amazing storage in the laundry room and we added a desk for crafting in our bedroom. I am loving the new desk. It is not completely filled yet, but I think we are making good progress.

P.S. I stained the outside of the embroidery hoops to match our dark furniture. I loved the idea of using them as frames and I embroidered the picture in one of the hoops while watching TV on the couch. I had forgotten how relaxing embroidery can be!

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The Floyds said...

I love it! Especially the great idea for the embroidery hoops!