Monday, May 26, 2008

Misc. Monday: Buttons

My friend's sister decided that she was done with sewing, so she gave me her button collection. There are some beautiful vintage buttons in her stash that I had to find something to do with. Many of them are singles, so I decided to glue them onto bobby pins. Since I had the glue gun out, I also made some flower pins out of buttons. (psst...This was not an original thought). I then attached them to little tags. I think I will use them as birthday cards, and I'm sure Kathy would be happy that her buttons were put to good use.


Elizabeth said...

Those are darling! (Though I can't believe someone could truly be "done with" sewing!)

P.S. - Would you please e-mail me? I lost some information and need your address for the sheet swap. Thanks! :)

heather said...

these are too cute. i can't wait to borrow this idea for a scrapbooking page!

The Floyds said...

I love these. I saw a couple of cute button crafts recently: (1) a license plate frame. someone had glued different sizes, shapes and colors of buttons to their dealership frame. it covered up the dealership info and was really cute. (2) random buttons on a plain wood or painted picture frame (the cheap ones at michaels). (3) buttons glued onto the top and bottom rims of a lampshade. There are some ideas to use those buttons for!