Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sew Crafty Sat.: Curtains

I made some kitchen curtains this last week and I have to say, "I love them!" The turned out exactly how I imagined them. The fabric is a bit silly because there are little curtains on them. Of course I had to add the ric rac. Dan says I am turning into a happy homemaker. Sounds all right to me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Misc. Monday: Here Comes the Bride

Saturday was my sister, Penny's wedding shower. It was a lot of fun. She was very happy to be spoiled and was very appreciative of all that was done for her. The theme was classic "something blue." The wedding is set for January 25th. I will be a very plump maid of honor by then. It's a good thing she loves me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Misc. Monday: Kitchen Update

I can't believe Lilly will be 2 in two weeks! Her birthday kitchen arrived and it will take Dan a little while to put it together, but it has inspired me to make some more food. I haven't done much crafting lately and it was really fun to be creative. Don't you just want to eat that plate of pasta?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Misc. Monday: My Amazing Hubby

Have I mentioned before how crafty and handy my sweet husband is. I found a picture of a book case a while ago and asked him to build it for me. He designed it to fit the space that I wanted it to go on perfectly. We desperately need places to put everything in our office to make room for our new little bundle of joy. He just finished it today and I couldn't wait to start filling it up. We picked the aqua color together, and the liner in the back is Paperchase flocked wrapping paper from Borders. I had bought the fifties legs for him a on Ebay few Christmases ago. Isn't it lovely?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Misc. Monday II: New Baby

Well, the votes are in and baby boy got 11 votes, while baby girl received only 8 votes. As we all know girls are much stronger, so our new daughter overcame the odds. She will make her debut in mid April. We couldn't be happier! Lilly is already yelling, "I'm having a sister!" Although, I'm not sure she know what that means!

Misc. Monday: Confession

I have a confession to make: Friday night, I became one of "those moms." You know the ones that I am talking about. The ones that are way too into their kid. The ones who think their baby's diaper doesn't stink. Yeah, I crossed over to the darkside. It was a rookie mistake and it won't happen again...
It all started when we went trick or treating at my girlfriend's house. Lilly had already impressed me because she was wearing the Tinkerbell dress that she had refused to wear all week. I was a bit worried because she was one of the youngest ones going, so I wanted Heather's daughter to help her to the door. Little did I know that Lilly would be the one yelling "trick or treat" at the top of her not even two year old lungs. She was hilarious. She would chase this little boy telling him, "Tigger -wait!" Then bang on the doors, shake the door handles, only to peer inside if they did not come fast enough.
Here is where I lost all rational thought: All I could say was, "Did you see her? Dan, can you hear her? Look at Lilly; she's amazing!" My heart was bubbling over with so much (too much) pride that I could not even carry a conversation with Heather's neighbor. I couldn't answer even the most basic of questions because I kept checking to see if Dan was taking enough pictures. I barely noticed how cute the other kids were (and they were adorable).
Laying in bed that night, what I had become became clear to me. I am way too embarrassed to show my face in Heather's neighborhood. All kids are amazing and adorable and funny. Like I said, it was a rookie mistake and it won't happen again (I hope).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sew Crafty Saturday: Jack 'o' Lanterns

I am not sure if carving pumpkins counts as crafting, but we did create jack 'o' lanterns. Lilly had a blast. Her Grammy and Papa came over to help. She used her little scooper to pull out one seed at a time and she did not want any help. I guess we've hit the independence stage! It took a bit longer than we planned. She wound up taking her bath before we were all done. They are not that fancy since everything with an almost two year old is a rush. Next year, we'll get out the stencils. It'll be so much easier to carve pumpkins when we have two kids, don't you think?