Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wee-One Wednesday: Where did my baby go?

Yesterday, Lilly sneezed and then said, "Bless you" to herself. At swim class, she pointed to the 5 on the side of the pool and said, "5." She knows the letter L. She remembers peoples names. When she is tired, she will tell you, "Home, nap." She can count to five. She says, "Amen" after we pray. She feeds her baby and brings me books to read. When she puts on sunglasses, my headband, or Dan's hat, she goes and looks in her mirror. What is going on? Where did my baby go? Now I get it when moms say that they can't remember when their baby did this or that. It's because they are always doing something else, something new. I can't keep up!

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