Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wee-Ones Wednesday: Sisterly Love

Lilly sure loves Iris! We are very excited about the welcome Lilly gave her sister.
Here are some of the comments Lilly has said since bringing Iris home:
"Baby Iris is crying. I think she needs me!"
In a very low voice, "She's sooo cutie." "Where's Baby Iris?" "This is for Iris." (tons of stuffed animals piled on Iris). "Baby Iris wants to pet me." Baby Iris needs a kiss." After being outside with Dan, runs in the house yelling "Baby Iris, I missed you." When Iris cries, "It's ok, sister." "She wants to sit by me, Mama. She wants a noodle." Iris sneezed and Lilly ran to get her a tissue.


Leslie Soto said...

Too cute I look forward to seeing more. Lil is such a good sister.

The Floyds said...

oh my gosh my heart is melting