Monday, April 13, 2009

Misc. Monday: He Has Risen!

We hope you had a blessed Easter yesterday. We enjoyed time with family, decorated & hunted eggs, went to church, flew kites, and put Baby Iris in an Easter basket. Lilly is really enjoying church. She knows that Jesus loves her, enjoys singing Bible songs, and looks adorable when she closes her eyes to pray. It's funny to think that Iris' due date was for tomorrow because she has become such a normal part of our lives already. I tried something new this year and made a jelly bean trail from Lilly's bedroom door to her Easter basket. She was soo excited when she came out of her room. She kept saying, "Look at the Christmas lights." I also decided that starting next year, I will put tooth brushes in their Easter baskets every year as a little gift from the "bunny" to go along with all that candy!

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