Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sew Crafty Sat.: Break Time

It has been quite a week. Dan's father had another heart attack and got sent to USC for an operation. He is home now and doing well. My sister got married. Lilly was difficult the entire day and woke up that night with a fever. She wound up having her first ear infection and has been a beast to bear all week. She is now on the mend, but Mama and Dada are not feeling so hot. I needed some time to myself, so I Modgepodged some pretty papers onto her crayon and coloring book drawer and put together some new frames for our bedroom. I am currently trying to make some Valentine's for Lilly's little friends. Crafting is so nice during nap time; it gets your mind off things.
P.S. I am waiting to get some pics from the wedding and will post some soon. She was pretty adorable even though she was a bit of a pistol (as my mom likes to say)!

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