Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sew Crafty Saturday: Jack 'o' Lanterns

I am not sure if carving pumpkins counts as crafting, but we did create jack 'o' lanterns. Lilly had a blast. Her Grammy and Papa came over to help. She used her little scooper to pull out one seed at a time and she did not want any help. I guess we've hit the independence stage! It took a bit longer than we planned. She wound up taking her bath before we were all done. They are not that fancy since everything with an almost two year old is a rush. Next year, we'll get out the stencils. It'll be so much easier to carve pumpkins when we have two kids, don't you think?

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The Floyds said...

Fun! I seriously doubt it will be easier with two kids; that's some wishful thinking!