Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sew Crafty: Saturday: Craft Boutique

I am not sure if I have shared this or not, but I am participating in a craft boutique next Saturday. It is from 8am to 11am at my neighbor's house across the street. I was very excited when we planned it in the summer, but I haven't done much lately because I have been a lot sicker with this pregnancy. Now I feel like it is crunch time. I have made aprons, yarn wreaths, sewing kits in a jar, button broaches, felt pins, oilcloth coasters, button bobby pins, stuffies, tissue covers, and a bit more... It sounds like a lot. But since I get bored easily, I only have a few of each item. I am looking forward to it, and I still have a lot to do. It will be a crazy week!

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