Monday, February 23, 2009

Misc. Monday: Diapers, Anyone?

Dan's friend's got together and made us this incredible diaper cake filled with Pampers Swaddlers. I honestly think it is the biggest one I have ever seen. It is resting on a base of plywood! Lilly is in a picture with it, so you can have some perspective on its hugeness. The little flowers in it are matching clothes for Lilly and Iris to wear. They also sent home a pretty dress for Iris, and matching flower Barbies for both girls. We were so touched by their thoughtfulness and generosity. I already asked Dan's friend Jennifer if she would help me make on for my sis whenever she gets pregnant...

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Mary-LUE said...

The picture of her hugging the giant tower of cake diaper is too cute, Michelle!

Lilly and Iris. I love that.