Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sew Crafty Saturday: Wreath

For two years in a row now I have gone to my husband's school (OCHSA) to make our Christmas wreath for the front door. It is so thoughtful of him to sign me up because even though I think that I'm too busy to go, or we shouldn't pay for the extravagance, I have a wonderful time. They have tons of food, desserts, and wine set out. The wreaths are big and gorgeous. Tables are filled with supplies and there are lovely ladies who can help you make bows and arrange all the items you collected on your wreath. Last year, I made the wreath with my ascetics in mind (hot pink, silver, and birds), but this year I was thinking of my Lilly. I wanted to go with a "Babes in Toyland" theme. It is a success; she loves it. Thanks Dan, for giving me this time to myself! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

wow that husband of your's sounds pretty perfect...better treat him right!